Social Impact Solutions

We help our clients bring to life some very specific projects with a strong social impact that need cross-sector social partnerships.

Social Impact Solutions was created in 2019 with the aim of engineering solutions to unlock public and private funding at scale for social projects and businesses developed by our clients as part of the transition towards sustainability and the SDGs. These ventures require joint expertise on business and social issues, often leading to cross sectorial social partnerships with non-governmental organisations, other civil society organisations and the public sector - local authorities or ministries.


The Social Impact Solutions teams accompany and advise clients on the design of social projects that align the interests of private, public and social sectors through tailor-made innovative financing mechanisms driven by result-based principles. Social Impact Solutions typically uses innovative financing tools such as blended finance, social impact bonds and other hybrid mechanisms to arrange financing packages involving development finance institutions, impact investors and foundations and other parties motivated by the strong and demonstrated social impact of the project and its financial approach.

Graph social impact solutions

Khadija KHAN, Head of Social Impact Solutions