Leasing and Financial Services

For corporates and investors who seek to increase their positive impact throughout their value chain, Societe Generale has developed advisory capacities and Positive Impact Financial services across the whole finance spectrum.

Equipment Finance

With our in-depth environmental and social expertise across our business sectors, we help our clients focus on executing sustainable concepts to increase their long-term value.

In cooperation with manufacturers, energy service providers and specialised financial intermediaries, Societe Generale Equipment Finance fosters the implementation of sustainable and green initiatives for its clients in the real economy. Thanks to our international network with leading partners, we are able to finance our clients' investments in sustainable, clean and renewable technologies and concepts.

Based on our in-depth focus on four business sectors – Technology, Industrial Equipment, Healthcare & Green, Transportation - we define with our partners the implementation of new sustainable concepts with embedded finance solutions for end-customers.

In addition, developing new International Vendor Programs is a key focus to realise positive impact. All of our "green" activities are increasingly supported by a special financing solution. We are committed to “Positive Impact Solutions” and its key role to contribute to the development of sustainable concepts.

Next generation sustainable mobility solutions

As a leading global mobility provider, ALD Automotive is committed to supporting its clients with innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

ALD Automotive supports its corporate clients by providing eco-friendly fleets and mobility solutions whether it be to reduce fleet emissions, improve safety on the road or promote new mobility solutions.

•    Advisory services 
To help clients reduce the environmental impact of their fleet, ALD Automotive strives to ensure that clients are able to identify the right vehicles. This involves conducting a needs analysis, measuring a fleet’s carbon footprint, improving client awareness on the benefits of alternative powertrains (battery electric vehicles, full hybrids, plug-in hybrids in particular), explaining local legal and fiscal restrictions, and helping to initiate eco-driving programs.

•    Mobility solutions
A strategic focus has been placed on investing in new mobility solutions that will transform the use of the car into mobility as a service. ALD Automotive provides solutions such as Corporate car sharing and car swapping services which provide alternatives in response to the gradual shift away from the “one user = one car” traditional model to more collaborative solutions.

•    Strategic partnerships
The transition to alternative powertrains requires partnering with key energy providers and ALD Automotive has signed a number of partnerships to collectively launch new electrified mobility solutions which combine driving electric vehicles and charging facilities.

Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance Brochure

Supporting the Sustainable & Positive Impact of your Business

Our projects

  • Societe Generale Equipment Finance signed a climate action credit facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for a total amount of €180m to support climate relevant projects with a focus on low-carbon transport solutions in Norway. Under this facility, we have already granted financing for green projects involving electric and bio-fuel powered buses for public transport, electric bicycles leasing programs for smart cities mobility initiatives, electric heavy-duty excavators to be used in zero emission construction sites as well as specialised equipment for the construction and maintenance of the national rail infrastructure.

  • At the end of June 2019, ALD Automotive’s alternative fleet amounted to 118,000 vehicles under management (electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles). This should continue to evolve with the global market as demand and technology further develop and ALD Automotive reaches its ambition to have a fleet of more than 200,000 alternative vehicles by 2020.

Securities Services integrates ESG factors

Societe Generale Securities Services is fully committed to supporting its clients in their sustainable finance practice leveraging its ESG experts. Whether they are issuers or institutional investors, SGSS helps them to integrate ESG factors in their strategies in an entirely independent way. 

Societe Generale Securities Services offers comprehensive solutions covering the ESG and carbon criteria: 

•    A portfolio analysis based on various ESG metrics, including carbon footprint, benefitting from independent calculation capabilities and allowing to create virtual portfolio analysis through a user-friendly interface.
•    A proxy voting service to participate to General meetings, through a single platform covering 36 markets and connected to 16 proxy advisers.
•    Integration of ESG criteria in fund depository controls.
•    A General Meeting organisation service, already selected by 150 listed companies, proposing electronic vote capabilities.

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