Portfolio Management System


In a fast changing environment, Portfolio Management System (PMS) by SGSS helps our clients to concentrate on their core business - the investment management process - and decreases their IT maintenance costs, while SGSS ensures the ongoing development of the technical infrastructure to keep ahead of new legal and market requirements.

The service is using a SimCorp Dimension platform, state of the art technology, designed for the most demanding asset managers.


The Portfolio Management System (PMS) is offered as a service (ASP). All the main parameterizations of the system are already made, and access to main data sources is being already organized, making the system easy to use without delays.

The PMS offers a whole set of functionalities for asset managers to support their investment management process: portfolio analysis, portfolio management, order management, pre-trade compliance check and trading.

The Portfolio Management Platform (PMS) is part of CrossWise, our turnkey fully integrated front-to-back outsourcing solution: