Developing renewable energy sources in strong headwinds


Unite Hydrowatt – Societe Generale commited to entrepreneurs

It was 30 years ago , Hugues Albanel created with passion and tenacity UNITe, its own hydroelectric production structure, building and renovating small plants.

Since then, he has invested in other energy, such as wind or solar energy and operates 85 production sites in France, including 43 own, to provide over 118 MW from renewable sources.

Innovation to finance its energy projects

In terms of renewable energy, each project requires years of research, in-depth technical analysis and the development of project-specific technology.

For the creation of the Mézos photovoltaic solar farm, UNITe needed to find major funding within a short time frame to avoid the risk of having to abort the project and of possibly putting the future of the company in jeopardy.

At such times, having a reliable financial partner at your side, one who is an expert in the sector and capable of assessing both risks and challenges makes all the difference. 

3 Tailor-made expertise

Capital Investment


Financing of photovoltaic solar farm


Employee saving plan 

By adopting a continuous innovation dynamic since its creation, UNITe has no shortage of products in the pipeline and is focused on both marine energy and expanding its expertise abroad.

"I am proud to count Societe Generale among my shareholders. I have a bank that understands my industry, with a vision and approach to partnership which is focused on the long term." Hugues Albanel, Chairman of UNITe

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