Alexandre Maymat

Alexandre Maymat

Head of Global Transaction & Payment Services

Societe Generale

Alexandre Maymat began his career in the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance in 1992 (as administrator and study coordinator at the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), then worked at the European Union (as financial attaché at the French delegation in 1996, then Deputy Secretary of the Economic and Financial Committee in 1999). 

He joined Societe Generale Group in 2001 in the Inspection department (as Chief Inspector), then moved to the French retail banking division in 2004 (as Head of the Corporate Business Centre of the Regional Directorate of Paris Bourse, then in 2006 as Regional Head for Franche Comté). In 2009, he joined the Group’s International Retail Banking business, first in Cameroon (as Director and CEO of Société Générale de Banques au Cameroun), then in Romania (as advisor to the CEO of BRD).

Alexandre Maymat was appointed Deputy Head of International Retail Banking in September 2012. On January 2013, he became Head of the Africa, Mediterranean Basin & Overseas region and a member of the Group’s General Management Committee.

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