Why is Singapore leading Asia into a Sustainable and Profitable Future


After years of staying in the shadows of developed nations, Asia, which accounts for 60 percent[1] of the world’s population and a similar proportion[2] of global economic growth, is poised to take the lead in tackling some of the most urgent issues of our time, including climate change, economic inequality and mass migration, through positive impact finance.

And Singapore, where Societe Generale hosted its first Asian Sustainable & Positive Impact Conference on 5 July, is among those leading the charge. Long renowned as a regional financial hub, Singapore now finds itself at the heart of Asia’s sustainable finance movement.

Investors in Singapore are well-served by the city’s transparent and reliable legal, regulatory and financial infrastructure. Its entrepreneurial ecosystem provides an optimal environment for the creation of innovative yet effective sustainable finance products. Lastly, Singapore’s stable political environment and world-class governance practices aid policy-shaping, making the city an ideal platform to launch sustainable finance initiatives across Asia.

Leading by example

The city’s forward-thinking government, which has pledged its commitment to the Paris Climate Accord,[3] is engaged in efforts such as the Collaborative Initiative for Green Finance in Singapore,[4] while the Monetary Authority of Singapore is actively promoting the green bond market in Asia.[5] Independent think tanks such as the Singapore Institute of International Affairs assist the public and private sectors with in-depth research and thought leadership[6] on sustainability issues to benefit all stakeholders. The city’s private corporations too champion sustainable practices and green finance both internally and industry-wide.

The Stock Exchange of Singapore, or SGX, has taken decisive steps in this direction by mandating environmental reporting for listed

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