The call of the sea... - Pascal Augé


French companies show a growing desire to explore new spaces, new markets, new horizons…

Despite the protectionist tensions that are emerging on both sides of the Atlantic, I see day after day that French companies show a growing desire to explore new spaces, new markets, new horizons ...

It must be said, everything is done to encourage them: cooperation between Bpifrance, CCI and Business France, funding taps that are widely open, public and private bank guarantees at hand. Nothing is now impossible for startupers or more settled entrepreneurs.

No need to go far; Europe, whether Western or Eastern, is in itself a land of conquest and makes it possible to test men and structures. Societe Generale indeed intends to play a leading role in supporting its clients on its "home continent", where growth takes off again.

And then there is the call of the open sea: Africa is and always be a melting pot of projects in new technologies as well as in green energies, the small and the big industry... Let's listen to the entrepreneurs accompanied by Societe Generale and its partners, Bpifrance and Business France, in Côte d'Ivoire in early June, being attracted by the whirlwind of opportunities to seize. Asia, the Middle East and still America do not maintain the myth but the reality that the reward is worth the trip.

Better be well accompanied to conquer the planet! A strong banking partner with a network of solid and historically well-established locations, from whom to find advice and local support.

Societe Generale is ambitious and is already developing the tools of tomorrow, simple, fast, dematerialised, to offer conquering entrepreneurs the mobility, fluidity and security they are looking for in their daily exchanges around the world. We.trade launches its first operations on blockchain, new means of payment arise, innovation is in action. Business leaders, do not resist the call, go for it, speed up, cross the barriers! It makes you stronger!


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