2018 Equator Principles Report

The objective of this Equator Principles Implementation Report is to share information with our stakeholders regarding how Societe Generale has applied the Equator Principles in 2018. Annual public reporting is one of the commitments the bank has made when joining this initiative.

Responsible Finance: 2018 Equator principles

The Equator Principles in video
Equator principles
The Equator Principles is a risk management framework adopted by financial institutions, for determining, assessing and...
Framework - Societe Generale's commitments
Societe Generale’s decision making process
Equator principles reporting
Contribution to the Equator principles development
Societe Generale's 2018 EP reporting table
Landmark transactions
The bank is committed to positive transformations throughout the world. See below for client success stories...
Project name reporting for project finance
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