Framework - Societe Generale's commitments

Societe Generale Commitments Framework

As an EP Financial Institution (EPFI), Societe Generale has committed to implement the EP in its internal E&S policies, procedures and standards and to refrain from providing loans falling within the scope of the initiative which do not comply with the EP. This strong commitment is supported by robust internal procedures, tools and competence.

Societe Generale has developed Group’s Environmental and Social (E&S) General Principles and 12 E&S sector and cross-sector policies appended to them which refer to EP commitments. These E&S General Principles have a status of internal Directive and are signed by the Chief Executive Officer.

In order to implement those E&S General Principles throughout the organization, procedures have been set at the Group level (Instruction) signed by Corporate Secretariat. These procedures are addressing both clients and transactions conducted with our clients. As such, EP transactions are run through these procedures.

EP Transactions signed by region and category in 2015 (numbers)